What is included

  • Monthly learning network sessions

    monthly learning sessions with strategically minded individuals who all bring their own 'blink' capability and experience to the table. We mix it up with experts and start up founders to ensure diversity because in contrast magic can happen

  • Quarterly pitch & invest sessions

    quarterly business model, pitch & invest sessions where you gain access to exponential investment opportunities and through the Wisdom Of the Crowd process gain insights from your peers and train your investment muscle

  • Access to an Exclusive annual event

    access to an annually recurring exclusive event to review, recalibrate and recharge your long term game plan, and build trust, connection and your global network and insight

Your investment

Signing up provides instant access to a global, diversified collective of strategic individuals (for payment options please contact us on info@futuristcollective.com)

Invest forward - disrupt yourself before someone else will

The Futurist Collective is an exclusive collection of futurists, strategists and great business minds who co-create the world by investing smartly in themselves, their careers, and the technologies and people who will make a lasting change. Their foresight, insight and network reaches further and wider than any conventional expert and their focus is on leaving a legacy of change, a legacy of sustainability, a legacy for the next generation. ​